The Creative Project Foundation team has vast experience in curating and designing cultural exhibitions, project branding and PR. The team has a proven track record in managing and designing international projects in Milan and London, Warsaw and other cities. Our expertise is enriched by the support of a wide network of international experts, including architects, historians, artists, art directors and researchers.

We manage all the aspects of designing, curating, organising and promoting events, exhibitions, lectures and other cultural projects. We create the overall concept, we curate the content, we design the staging, we develop all the communication and multimedia tools and PR campaigns.

We also provide consultancy services to companies in design management, design strategy and branding.

Know-how in:

• Architecture
• Art direction
• Branding
• Communications
• Creative Concept Development
• Curatorship
• Design management
• Design research and strategy
• Event management and production
• Exhibition design
• Industrial and interior design
• Lectures
• Project management
• Publishing
• Video production, new media
• Visual identity design

We have been working with: