Flower River / Poznan / 2017

Poznan Design Festival
Laba Design

12-20 May 2017
Plac Wolnosci


Up and down, on top and below, water gives life and playful spirit. No beginning, no end just a changing flow of nature meandering through the urban fabric.


Our aim was to create a flower installation, which signifies the value of water life-generating force through urban interventions, connecting different venues at the Poznań Design Festival. The Flower River installation was imitating the playful spirit of the river by inserting a vegetal flow through a mineral urban environment.


A growing accumulation of flower pots followed the shape of an imaginary river, linking the city center with the riverbed.


This installation acted as a collective expression of the fact that water is essential for life and no life on planet Earth can survive without it. We hope this installation become a celebration of community spirit by bringing together residents to see nature and enjoy its color. It helps visitors to understand how we should care for and appreciate the beauty of the natural environment.


Freedom Square (in LABA DESIGN Zone) was a focal point of communication during the festival. The square was a vibrant place of inspiration, a space where people could meet and talk, and a spot to contemplate the fragility of nature in an urban context. 


Curators, Designers: Miska Miller-Lovegrove, Mathilde Bretillot

Project Co-ordinators: Anna Pietrzyk-Simone, Andżelika Jabłońska-Macowicz

Architectural Assistant: Anna Pazurek



• Art direction

• Copywriting and editing 

• Curating

• Event management and production

• Exhibition design

• Securing strategic partnership



• Fundacja Made in Art



• Creative Project Foundation 

• Miska Miller-Lovegrove Studio

• International Design Expeditions

• Tarnopak

• Puro Hotels

• Ogrody Odnowa

• Sti-Poligrafia

• Estrada Poznanska



• Type2





Let it be.

— Alicja Wilak, Poznan citizen

Great idea and execution!

— Piotr Grzywaczyk, Poznan citizen