What’s for Breakfast? / Tbilisi / 2013

What’s for Breakfast?
Design from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia & Georgia
24 June–3 July 2013
Writers’ House of Georgia
13 I. Machabeli Street, Tbilisi


The Creative Project Foundation commissioned national curators from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Georgia to establish a platform for discussion about design within the framework of Platform Culture. A Central Europe programme, Platform Culture supports bilateral and multilateral relations through public diplomacy projects focused on common cultural values.


The exhibition featured breakfast tables laid with a selection of design objects that were created and produced in participating countries. They portrayed stories of daily life in each country while introducing fresh approaches to craft and design for the breakfast table. The collections included design classics and contemporary pieces that might share aspects of the same history but have never been combined before. This fascinating mix of forms, styles and materials demonstrated how much design varies not only from one country to another but also within national settings. Each piece from the breakfast table represented an interesting voice in the global discussion about contemporary European and Georgian ways of life.


• Art direction
• Exhibition design
• Event management
• Curating
• International communication
• Publishing and editing



• Platform Culture – Central Europe



• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

• Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Austria

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary

• Ministry of Foreign and European of the Slovak Republic




Not many exhibitions with the theme the world of objects manage to tell stories as intense as the other mediums, namely cinema and literature. It might be due to the fact that the objects as such live primarily in relation to the context and there are not the museum’s display cases that keep them alive. It happens when the combination of the objects’ form, function and symbolical meaning contribute towards the construction of a surrounding and the definition of a certain period. Even more impressive is what Anna Pietrzyk-Simone and Kasia Jeżowska together with Miśka Miller-Lovegrove achieved with the What’s for Breakfast? exhibition.

— Francesca De Ponti, Domus, July 2013

A big thank you for the excellent organisation, the impressive installation and the beautiful catalogue, in short for all of your effort regarding the What's for Breakfast? exhibition.

— Rita Halasi, Curator, Hungary