Young Creative Poland: In Production / Mediolan / 2011

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

12–17 April 2011

Fiera Milano, Rho

Design / Modern Section



A new edition of Young Creative Poland: In Production  showcased the results of collaboration between young designers and Polish furniture producers. It was presented in the heart of the international furniture market at Milan’s Salone del Mobile. The show captured the energy of the burgeoning design scene in Poland and presented new projects by some of the designers from the first edition of Young Creative Poland for companies such as Iker, Noti, Vox and Zieta Prozessdesign.



• Art direction

• Event management and production

• Exhibition design

• Curating

• Copywriting, editing and publishing

• International communication

• Strategic partnership securing and fundraising



• European Union European Regional Development Fund

• Innovative Economy – National Cohesion Strategy

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Poland

• Trade and Investment Promotion Section, Polish Embassy in Rome

• Adam Mickiewicz Institute



• Moho

• Tynant

• Domar




Summing up, the exhibition became a triple success. Firstly, it attracted the attention and interest of visitors. Secondly, it managed something that for Poles it is not so easy to achieve – an agreement beyond the divisions. The brands that are competitors met, talked and presented under one exhibition umbrella. These successes wouldn’t happen without Miśka Miller-Lovegrove with her contacts and position. Thanks to her, in spite of a traditionally modest budget, the Polish stand was located in one of the most popular trade fairs halls and Polish brands became recognisable among about 2,000 exhibitors. And here lies the third success – the one of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, which managed to acquire to promote our design with the best of possible person.

— Magdalena Żakowska, Gazeta Wyborcza, April 2011

It needs to be said that to present a project at Milan Design Week it is not an easy thing. The quality of the show is overseen by designer duo Giulio Cappelini and Gisela Borioli who, without hesitating much, reject projects that do not qualify as the design gems. Taking into consideration the meticulous selection process that separates the real design from unoriginal and repetitive products, the Polish presence at this prestigious event is even more pleasing. Beside typical Polish discontent and unjustified excitement about everything foreign, we notice that there is much to be proud of in terms of Polish design. This year’s display, Young Creative Poland: In Production, is an incontrovertible proof of that.

— Mateusz Banach, Take Me, November 2011

Participation in the Milan fair has helped Noti to become a more visible brand, make it more familiar to the clients and build positive relations with them. Salone del Mobile has increased the value of the brand and definitely helped to have a presence on the very demanding, international market.

— Ryszard Balcerkiewicz, CEO, Noti