Young Creative Poland / London / 2009

London Design Festival

19–27 September 2009

5 Cromwell Road

London SW7 2HR


As part of POLSKA! YEAR, the foundation curated Young Creative Poland; the first group exhibition of young designers from Poland during the London Design Festival. The show in the Brompton Design District represented a broad spectrum of creativity including furniture, lighting, posters, publications, architecture and street art by product and graphic designers and was located just minutes away from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in a beautiful historical venue. The show also provided a platform for the launch of Discovering Women in Polish Design: Interviews and Conversations, a new book by journalist Gian Luca Amadei about the inspirational women driving the Polish design scene today.



• Art direction

• Concept development

• Copywriting, editing and publishing

• Curating

• Event management and production

• Exhibition design

• International communication

• Partnership securing


Graphic design: Studio Fernando Gutiérrez



• Creative Project Foundation

• Adam Mickiewicz Institute



• Polish Cultural Institute, London

• Brompton Design District

• London Design Festival



• Corian

• Orbita

• Wyborowa




Polish design is undergoing a dramatic sea change. It is experiencing a renaissance through education, drawing from its traditions and craft heritage.

— Gian Luca Amadei, Blueprint, October 2009

London-based architect Miśka Miller-Lovegrove met Zięta last year at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and included his work in Young Creative Poland, an exhibition she curated during the recent London Design Festival. (…) Alongside other designers such as Tomek Rygalik, Magdalena Trzcionka and Karina Marusińska, Zięta represents a bold, confident generation of creativity emerging from a Poland that values its independence. It heralds an exciting future for them all.

— Janice Blackburn, Financial Times, October 2009

As the map of Europe stretches eastwards, it is exciting to see this reflected in design and significant new players emerging on the international stage. We are especially thrilled that Young Creative Poland is part of Brompton Design District during the London Design Festival as the exhibition brings together young designers and architects whose work radiates vitality and a refreshing commitment to experimental thinking.

— Jane Withers, Design Consultant and Curator